What We Do

Programmingly is a web and mobile application development consultancy.

We build apps that people love to use.

We build mobile apps for iPhone and iPad using Cocoa & Objective-C. Many of our projects involve a Ruby on Rails web application that “talks” to an iOS mobile app via Web Services.We have a team of about 20 designers, developers, and user experience pros…as well as some folks who live and dream product strategy.

We build custom software. For many of our customers, there just isn’t an off-the shelf software product that’s been invented for what they are trying to do. In other cases, the off-the-shelf products add unnecessary cost and complexity.

We love design. To us, design means concepting, validating, beautifying, and executing. A beautiful web or mobile app is like a beautiful automobile: Sleek lines and a shiny finish are essential, but if it doesn’t perform like an extension of the driver’s body, it’s junk.

Here are a few typical ways we engage with new customers:

Fresh Start

We start with a workshop. This is an opportunity for us to ask lots of questions, draw out some rough interface sketches, and make sure we are on the same page as you. It’s also an opportunity for you to ensure that you’ll love working closely with us (Note: If you don’t love working closely with your software developer, things will end badly). Once design and development have begun, we will deliver working software every week (ideally, in person). We’ll listen to your feedback about it, and re-prioritize tasks for the upcoming week.

Off the Rails

We are experts in taking over existing Ruby on Rails projects that aren’t quite going as planned. We begin by assessing the current state of the codebase, and then provide you with rough estimates for the highest priority items on your to-do list. Within a few weeks we’ll get your project back on track with predictable costs and timing, increased software stability, and a strategic plan for moving forward.


Rock Solid Support

The best web and mobile apps have a well-maintained technical infrastructure that makes rapid response to changing business needs easy. We write software tests, keep your code safe in appropriate source control systems, and take care of hosting and other infrastructure issues. We’re in this for the long term, and can help your organization do the same.